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Cotton Candy Bundle

Cotton Candy Bundle

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One just ain't enough. Get these 3 nail sets for a fraction of the price. This bundle comes with sets Got Milk, Bubble Gum & Baby Blue. If you want different shapes and length, press mixed and tell me which set you want in the comment box at checkout or chat with us live!

How to use

1) Make sure you have the right nail sizes!

2)File and shape natural nails

3) Buff and prep nails using application kit

4) Apply a thin line of glue in natural nail from cuticle to nail edge & apply a few drops of glue on press on naiil

5) Apply nails at a 4 degree angle from cuticle and press down to edge

6) Firmly hold each nail for 30 seconds

7) You're done! Don't wash hands for 30 minutes for longest wear.

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How to Apply